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Touring all over Canada

Motorcycle touring all over Canada and the United States. Twelve months of the year. Harley Davidson on the highway, Suzuki 1050 A for the adventure side and a DRZ 400 Suzuki for the dirt. Exploring small towns and sharing the journey. For the love of the open road and the experience of the quiet backroads. Offering a connection to Veterans who would like to feel the freedom.

Our Focus

  • Ride & Talk Therapy
  • Advertizing for business related to motorcycles
  • Ride around towns (showcasing local small businesses mostly in the tourism sector
  • Connect with other riders
  • Veteran & first responders well being through the freedom of the road

About Us

The journey began in 2012 as a way to battle deep depression from PTSD. That was my first year of long distance motorcycle riding. I have never looked back since! It has changed from riding…To touring…To adventures. If you think about this, it’s an awareness of your presence.

Usually, by the end of October I would aim for Key West, Arizona and California. I would stay roughly one month, store my bike and fly home.

It gave me the option to fly back mid winter and ride. By early march I would head south, pick up the bike and start my journey home.

Back in 2017, I started adventure motorcycling. I felt I was missing half the roads and half the season. Wow! Little did I know where this would lead. I have added dirt biking too…Adventure and dirt add so much enjoyment to this sport.

This led me to follow youtube channels and watch tutorials. Another step in the journey. I suppose I could say…Being forced to stay home due to COVID gave me time to slow down and think.

Frontire Adventures was born of that period. Thinking of where will the front tire take me this year? What frontier will I see? Hence the name…A play on the words.

I see the future as exciting with much opportunity to expand the horizons.
See you out there!

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